The Place

The Tuval Site

Our home site is situated at Kibbutz Tuval near Karmiel and located on the edge of a spectacular cliff with views of the Beit Hakerem Valley, The Carmel and the Golan. On site is a purpose-built seminar building that includes classrooms and the Outdoor Training site.
The Outdoor Training site was build with the assistance of Project Adventure Inc. according to American Standards.
Tuval workshops are suitable for everyone who is healthy even if not particularly fit. Activities take place in all seasons and all weather.
We provide catering and hotel services as well as conference and event facilities.

  • תובל - תמונה של המרכז
  • nature path
  • תובל - חדרי אירוח
  • תובל - תמונה של המרכז
  • תובל - חלל סדנא