Our Programmes

We specialise in organisational training in the fields of developing and building teams, organisational culture and management development. Together with traditional forms of organisational development we use unique tools and create a process that integrates a series of activities and discussions. We facilitate a mirroring of the existing reality during the activities and guide the process with an aim of creating empowerment, improvement and change.

Teamwork Development


New and changing teams must reach a high level of performance quickly. Through the use of challenges with common aims, teams solve problems and accumulate positive experience. At the heart of the process is effective communication whilst developing a common team language and action.

Suitable for:
  • Short Term project teams.
  • New management teams.
  • Teams after reorganisation.
  • Teambuilding at the start of courses and university programmes.

Team Development

Open communication and the ability to evaluate teamwork processes are vital tools for teams to act well over time. In team development workshops the participants identify and test their ways of working that characterise the team and the organisation by identifying helping and hindering factors. Through practice they strengthen their ability to learn, change and solve problems. The success of the programme is tested back in the workplace by applying the conclusions and renewed team commitments.

Suitable for:
  • Experienced senior management teams that are in need of taking a moment to stop, evaluate and rebuild the contract that binds them.
  • Cross-organisational teams and multiple team interfaces.
  • R&D teams that are in need of strengthening their teamwork in order to reach their goals.

Implementing Vision, Strategy and Values

This programme is built on the organisation’s vision and deals with turning its elements into practical tasks. Through specially designed activities the gap between the declared vision and reality will be tested.

Suitable for:
  • Senior management teams that have formulated their vision and seek to implement it.
  • Cross-organisational vision development programmes.

Leadership and Management Development

Leadership and management development programmes at Tuval are based on the principle that in addition to studying theory, the best way to improve management abilities is through practice, personal introspection and feedback.

Team Management

The Team Management Workshop focuses on the abilities and skills needed for the role. The participants identify their management strengths and weaknesses and define a personal challenge that he or she wants to improve on. The training is based on each participant being given the opportunity to manage and receive peer and professional feedback.

Suitable for:
  • Team Management Courses
  • Internal Organisational Courses

Senior Leadership Development

In the leadership development workshop the focus is on managing matrix systems from the senior manager’s point of view. Our complex exercises are designed to demand a high level of responsibility, thought and influence. Leaders will learn from feedback and self evaluation and adapt the learning to the role they fill or are designated to fill.

Suitable for:
  • Senior Management Courses
  • Systems Management Courses

Personal Empowerment
A process whereby the group acts as a framework within which the individual learns and grows. An opportunity is given to break through current personal barriers. The focus is on the individual, his or her influence, the sources of their strength, taking risks and the search for new and creative directions. This process is often designed for people who fill a position where they are alone in the field.

Suitable for:
  • Sales people who need to develop their creativity and thinking.
  • Overseas emissary training programmes.
  • Women and community empowerment programmes.
  • People in the care-giving professions.

Developing Special Abilities

Here we will develop mentoring skills. The programme deals with the difference between management and mentoring and how much the individual has an opportunity to make mistakes and learn from experience. The participants will practice mentoring and the giving and receiving of feedback.

Innovation and Creativity
The entire learning experience is directed at advancing this core skill. We will identify the ways that the organisation blocks or promotes innovation and creativity. In this workshop we practice making new products and try new management tools. The participants study their own influencing behaviours such as risk taking, trusting the process and people, and openness.

Organisational Consulting

Sometimes the workshop is only the beginning…often what happens in a teambuilding workshop is just the opener and there are issues that must be addressed in order to ensure that the energy for change that is created will be translated into concrete steps back at work. In this case a follow up meeting is required with the relevant senior manager in order to plan further steps. Sometimes a professional consulting process is needed. At Tuval we offer organisational consulting services that include organisational analysis tools and writing of organisation diagnoses, personal management consulting and multi stage learning processes for teams and managers.

An example of a successful process we carried out with a focus on goal-based teamwork included meetings with the CEO, an organisational diagnosis and the presenting of a report to the CEO, intensive work with one of the teams, ongoing consulting with the CEO and after six months an experiential learning workshop with all staff members in order to practice what was learnt and celebrate changes that had taken place.