Our Vision

To influence people and organisations by facilitating openness, daring, collaboration, learning and success.

Our Mission

To be the leading organisation in the field of experiential learning that encourages and drives action and change.

Our Facilitators

Tuval facilitators and consultants are rich in experience in leading processes of organisational development. We are trained in a range of disciplines including psychology and business management. Our clients appreciate our ability to be sensitive to organisation requirements and to their people and our persistence in connecting the learning process to the workplace.

We excel at asking the right questions at the right time, at choosing the most effective exercises for the situation at hand and in balancing between content and process. Our added value as external facilitators to the organisation contributes to the team learning process. We believe that the source of change and improvement lies inside the team and the organisation so our facilitators and consultants focus on accompanying and empowering the individual and the team.

Richard Milecki

Facilitator and Organisational Consultant. Richard completed a Bachelor of Education at Melbourne University and MBA from Derby University (Israel). He graduated from the Haifa University Organisational Consultants Diploma Programme and is an active member of the Israeli Association for Organisational Development. Richard specialises in consulting to organisations and managers whilst driving the learning back in the workplace.
Richard lives in Kibbutz Tuval and likes riding his bike, gardening, singing in a classical choir and being amazed by his three sons.

Neil Mercer

Facilitator and Team Consultant. Neil holds a BSc in Psychology from Manchester Metropolitan University and a Group Facilitation certificate. Neil specialises in facilitating organisational learning processes and in team and leadership development. Neil has an exceptional ability to connect with the positive energies of team members in order to reach groundbreaking and surprising results.
Neil lives in Kibbutz Tuval and is also a photographer and a competitive distance swimmer.

Yiftach Granot Ginzach

Yiftach is a senior facilitator in intercultural group communication. He integrates ODT, group psychology, organisational development and sailing. Yiftach has a BSc in ocean biology and diplomas in education and group facilitation. He is an international yacht skipper and lives in Isfiya on the Carmel.

Yossi Yaron

Yossi is a graduate of the Group Facilitators Training Institute in Jerusalem, holds a B.A. from Haifa University and is an experienced group facilitator.
Yossi has worked for many years running training programmes in many outdoor, natural settings using this environment as a platform for personal and group development. He believes firmly in people's diversity which organisations can learn to utilise and from which they can benefit.
Yossi loves being in nature and can often be found hiking the trails of Israel.

Dorit Shalom Gringras

Dorit manages the centre's logistics including catering and the seminar buildings. No project is too small or large for Dorit and she specialises in coordinating client desires for the various events. Dorit lives in Tuval and also runs a glass design studio.

Centre Development

Tuval Organisational Effectiveness was established in 1996 with the aim of providing learning processes to organisations whilst contributing to results. We specialise in Team Building and Leadership Development workshops and carry out intervention processes that include organisational analysis, training, personal and team mentoring and long term implementation.

Together with the traditional tools of analysis and organisational consulting, we have developed experiential and pro-active tools the aim of which is to receive a clear organisational picture and set a course of change and improvement.