I heard great things from the team!
Thank you so much, you are doing a very professional job and I’m always more than delighted to work with you, looking forward to the next one!

Gilad Golani
Organisational Development Manager  

Thank you very much for the great activity and the detailed summary. The managers enjoyed themselves very much and came out with a lot of new insights. The request for a follow-up came from everyone.  I will be happy to receive proposals for further activities in and outside the organisation.
Many Thanks,

HR Manager

Good Morning Richard
The team enjoyed themselves in the activity and at Tuval. The new staff members integrated well with the experienced staff and that was of course with the assistance of your facilitation. You enabled an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere even though some were afraid to be exposed in front of the others. They discovered that in reality it was different from what they thought. The atmosphere was accepting.
We will be very happy to return in the future!

Abed Elkarim Dahle
Social Services Department, Ka’abiya

Shalom to the Tuval team!

At the end of the day with you I want to thank you for the experience filled day and the opportunity to work with you. Our team and the candidates very much enjoyed the day and everyone learned something about themselves and their ability to work in a group.  All of the preparation stages with you were, in my opinion, a great experience and I enjoyed working with you on a personal and professional level. The Tuval day provided us with a lot of new insights that we can take into account when we choose the cadet course candidates. All of the facilitators were professional and with personal charm and magic. We all finished with the feeling of how important it was to carry out this day. Please also send thanks to your logistical team who took great care of all details in an organised fashion, including the excellent lunch. It was great fun to work with you and I will be happy to work with you in the future.

Ronen Katz
Cadet’s Course Director
Ministry of Economy and Industry

I returned home and started to process and digest the Tuval workshop. It was very good. I am choosing my words but I can say without hesitation that it contributed greatly. I want to thank you and the team. We were given wonderful hospitality and a place that radiates a positive vibe. You are a real professional. The meeting with you creates openness and dialogue, things that are so important at the moment and in general. In addition, you definitely lead; I felt that there were steady hands at the wheel.
Everything went smoothly. Every minute was calculated and organised. As you said at the outset – “time will fly” and indeed it went quickly. We were all deeply involved in a defining experience. It is now up to me to use the learning from Tuval in order to achieve excellence.

With Thanks, The Palziv Team
Benny Apel
Marketing Manager

Thanks Richard for the professional, collaborative and uncompromising training. The day was great, special and important!


Dr. May Limor Vinter

To the Tuval Team,
Thank you very much!
I want to note that the feedback from the team even three days after the two-day workshop is simply fantastic!
They learned and enjoyed themselves.
It was a meaningful experience.


Lilach Ish Shalom
Organisational Development Manager
Middle Management Course

I wanted to thank you again for a great experience. And thanks for the client summary. I learned a lot. Too bad I hadn’t done something like this earlier in my life 🙂

Prof. Shai Danziger
Assistant Dean of International Affairs
Academic Head of the Sofaer IMBA

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