Our Clients

Our clients are from both the private and public sectors and include work teams, senior management teams, middle or first line managemement, cross-organisational forums and management training. Many of our clients are global organisations where there is an emphasis on cross-cultural communication. Many of our clients have been with us for many years and we are thankful for their partnership.

Here are some examples of projects that we have worked on:

  • Developing improved internal communication for a global senior management team of an Israeli company thus enhancing its success on the international stage.
  • Setting norms and roles with a management team that provides financial services that worked with Tuval over a year on improving teamwork.
  • Department managers from an industrial plant had to start working as a team after structural changes and staff turnover.
  • A company that is rapidly growing carried out a management development course with an aim of creating a future management pool. The brief was to get the participants talking and doing management in a short period of time.
  • Building the learning group at the opening of MBA programmes.
  • Assisting sales personnel to raise their efforts, achievements and motivation in a period of economic slow down.
  • Working with Arab and Jewish business people who are building a group that is based on learning and common action.

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